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whatever. [Apr. 24th, 2006|09:55 am]
[how i fucking feel |hungryhungry]
[what i'm fucking hearing |birds]

MY HAIRS ARE BROWN!!!!!!!!!!! and BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!! hahahaha
Well, i'm sittin on caleb's bed playing on the computer cause his ass is still in bed. I can't really do much on here though, cause his computer is fucked or something. I can't get on msn or yahoo, and i can't check my email, either. i dont know what the deal is. It sucks though.Oh well.

Oatis is getting so big. He killed a kitten he other day and me and caleb burried it. it was so sad because it was so tiny and cute. I was so pissed at that damn dog. He still fucks with them. i know you all don't really care about that, but i gotta have somethin to ramble on about.

....really wish my best friend Chris carnes would bring that white guitar back to my pad. I heard Seek and Destroy yesterday on the radio....it really made me want to play.....yep......oh well though. haha. i keep saying shit, then i'm like "what i just said doesn't matter at all" or something.

i'm stupid.


♥ Loraine
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add me bitches. [Apr. 10th, 2006|09:37 pm]
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HAPPY 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY TO ME AND CALEB!!! [Mar. 28th, 2006|02:16 pm]
this is our baby. his name is Oatis.

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westside, NIGGAS!!!!! [Oct. 17th, 2005|11:39 am]
[how i fucking feel |nauseatedmy belly hurts]
[what i'm fucking hearing |straight up gangsta rap]

<td> <table border="0" width="450" bgcolor="#000000">
Your arch-nemesis is:
Captain Kirk

Because you set fire to their tool shed
The winner will be...
You are going to kill them
Take this quiz at QuizGalaxy.com

my belly hurts. I'm having the same unexplainable pains that i was having over the summer. I really hope i don't start the hardcore puking thing again, because that really sucked. I did puke the other day when we were watching Ninja Turtles 2. It was gross and very painful. Caleb came in there and i didn't want him in there for some reason because it was really gross, but he stayed and then i felt really bad for trying to get him to leave. My stomach has been hurting for a few days now. It stops for a little while, then it starts again. It really sucks.

I thought i skipped work yesterday..but it turns out i didn't even have to work. I do today though. And i'm thinking about not going, because it's really not worth it. I bust my ass for these people and they leave me $2-$5 as a tip, and it's just not fucking worth it. I dropped plates the other day when i was cleaning off a table, and a bunch of shit happened all day. I just fucking hate that place. i get paid today though. I might try to go to taco bell again with Chris Carnes. That dumb bitch heather doesn't work there anymore, so i might get a job this time. She's the reason i didn't get a job last time i applied.

i'm about to find out how in love i am from a quiz. And it was very accurate:
How You Are In Love

You take a while to fall in love with someone. Trust takes time.

In relationships, you tend to be a bit selfish.

You tend to get very attached when you're with someone. You want to see your love all the time.

You love your partner unconditionally and don't try to make them change.

You stay in love for a long time, even if you aren't loved back. When you fall, you fall hard.


Caleb is picking me up today again. i have to look for him standing by the orange poles, smoking, and looking like a badass. haha. Man, i love him so much. i can't wait until we move to paris and have a chihuahu and duck. It's going to be absolutlely magical.

Anyway...i'm out fuckers.
i fucking love everyone of you.
♥ Cindy
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(no subject) [Oct. 10th, 2005|10:40 am]
well, my mom decided to be stupid and all "i don't want you to quit school', even though she told me before that i could if i get my ged. but whatever, man. i'll just keep talking to her about it.

I got detention again today. i walked in right as the second bell rang. so i got two hours next wednesday, because i had and hour this wednesday, but i have to work so i had to reschedule it. I have to work today, too. it sucks because i work until close and that is at 9, and i only got like 3 1/2 hours of sleep last night. Plus, i don't think anyone that i talk to works today with me. So it's gonna suck. Oh well, i'lll probably actually wait some tables today. i almost did last night, but it was time for me to go home. OH! I just remembered.... Ivy starts today. WOO-HOO! That makes me alot hapier.

Anyway, sorry this is so short, but i'm really not even suppose to be on here.

Love you all!
♥ Ralphie
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(no subject) [Sep. 27th, 2005|10:43 am]
well, my weekend was pretty fun. got drunk friday to test out the alcohol before the party on saturday. It wasn't poisonous or anything! Saturday was so much fun. Shauna and Lyndsay and i decided to dress up for the party. I was a "sexy" bunny with white tights under white boyshort underwear, and a skimpy whit camisole. i also had a cotton tail and bunny ears. It was so much fun. we kept telling people to get in their underwear...but they wouldn't do it. Luke Filip did for a few minutes while he was there. And Seth did for a little while. Fun times. And Otha spen 57 DOLLARS ON PIZZA!!!!!! It made me feel bad. It's a good thing he's rich. haha. I called him Mr. Moneybags.

So tomorrow is mine and Caleb's 6 month anniversary...that makes me happy. And today I have an interview at B.B's. Wish me luck guys! Oh yeah, i know a lot of you are probably going to tell me i'm stupid for this, but i'm going to try to get my G.E.D. over fall break and drop out of school. I'm pretty sure my mom is working on getting an appointment for me to take it. i don't know yet though. i really fucking hate school. it is so goddamn pointless, because all i do is memorize stuff while i have to, then regurgitate it for the test. And i usually don't even remember most of it, so why even waste my time? A G.E.D. is the same fucking thing as a diploma without the torture of high school. And i think i would much rather have that and be able to do what i want right now then have to wait until i'm an adult when i have to be more mature about things.

anyway, i'm gonna go. I love you all so much

Ralphie ♥ ♥
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I AM A GOLDEN GOD!!! [Sep. 22nd, 2005|11:38 am]
[how i fucking feel |excitedexcited]
[what i'm fucking hearing |somebody drumming his fingers on the table]

AAAAHHHHH!!! GODAMNNNNNN!!!! I got detention today cause i was like, halfway to my class, actually, i was like 30 feet away from the door, when the bell rang. Then, of course, huffman had to be standing in that hall, and he's all "go to the office" so i did, and i went in Mr. Skaggs's office, and there was some new chick who was late and he said something like "should i give her a break, cindy?" and i was all "yeah, and you should give me one, too" but it didn't work. Then he asked me why i was late, and i told him it wasn't my fault, that i rode with my boyfriend (and it takes us 8,000 years to say bye to each other), and he said something about how i should get a different boyfriend and i was like no, then he asked who my boyfriend was, so i told him and he was like "nuh-uh....Caleb? Wait...weren't you and him togeher last year?" And i was like "yes, we were". haha, what an amazing story, huh?

we watched almost famous last night, and it is so incredibly good. i think i might watch it again today, since i kind of missed some parts of it because i was sleepy. but i saw most of it, and i loved it so much. It is such a good movie. Ah, i can't even begin to describe it. Chris Carnes and i are going to watch Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas together sometime. I;m super excited. he kind of taught me more on the guitar last night. But he mostly just played it himself. haha. But that's okay.

OH YEAH!!!! My brother is coming down from Richmond next Saturday, and he's going to try to find a place to live down here! that makes me so incredibly happy. I hadn't talked to him in forever until 2 days ago. im so freaking excited. I haven't saw him in like a year. It sucks. But oh well, cause i get to see him next weeked!

AND BILLY'S PARTY IS IN 2 DAYS, MOTHER FUCKERS!!!!!!!! I can't wait for that either. I told him yesterday that i want to jump out of a cake for him. haha.

Anyway, i reckon i'm gonna head out. i love you guys.

♥ Cinderella
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i hate school. [Sep. 20th, 2005|09:51 am]
[how i fucking feel |hungryhungry]
[what i'm fucking hearing |Matt McGrew]

well, this morning was pretty interesting. I came inside after Caleb dropped me off and made me go in cause he hates me (haha, i'm just joking. i love you, babe)and the bell had already rang. I ended up running into Mr. Huffman, who was all like "Do you have your planner, Ms. Kerr?" very formal like, and stuff. So, since i am a genius mastermind, i sais something about how i threw up (which i did this morning, and still feel like i might) and i was in the bathroom when the bell rang. Mr. Skaggs was there also, and he was like, "Yeah, you can look at her and tell that she's sick. I'll make sure she gets to the nurse." Then he walked me out of Huffman's view, and was like "You know better than to talk to him. Go on to the nurse." or something like that. It was funny either way. So i went to the nurse and she took my temperature and told me to come back if i puke again, then i went to class. Mr. Hayse had already counted me absent, so i had to got to the attendance window thing, and on the way there i forged excuses for Friday and yesterday. haha. Caleb's badass ways are rubbing off on me. HAHAHAHAHA. That's really funny. I had fun with him yesterday, though. Even though i puked and kept almost passing out. haha. He called me a pussy or something, but what the fuck ever, it's okay with me. We slept in my bed together last night for the first time. We ususally sleep on the couch, but esterday mom was like "you all can sleep in your bed if you want to. It's a lot bigger." She told me earlier that she didn't want us sleeping on the couch together because i'm her "Baby girl" and she doens't want me to grow up. I told her it's going to hapen no matter what, and she said something about it not happening right in front of her. haha.

Oh yeah, we went to Derek/Roll's party Saturday. It wasn;t that fun because the GODDAMN BITCH Toni was there, and everybody told me they wanted a clean party with no fights. Then she showed her boobs to alot of guys and probably fucked them all because she's a fucking WHORE, and that's what whores do. Anyway, i drank one cup of hooch, then stopped. And Caleb got pretty drunk then drove me to Shauna's. haha. He drove really good though. We waited in the parking lot for ever because everyone was at Blimpie and we didn't want to go there. So we entertained ourselves...actually, i entertained him because i'm on my goddamn period. haha. Sorry kids, you all probably didn't want to know that.

Anyway, i'm tired of typing so i'm gonna roll. Peace.

Eternal love,
♥ Cindy Lou

Oh yeah, Ashley showed me something that put an extra hitch in my giddy up....MOTHER FUCKIN' BRIGHT EYES TICKETS!!!!! WE'RE GOING!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh man, i am sooooooo excited. I love you Ashley. And your mom and dad.
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damn, i'm good. [Sep. 15th, 2005|02:17 pm]
[how i fucking feel |drunkdrunk]
[what i'm fucking hearing |pee pee]

well, it turns out that i'm a natural on the guitar. I learned for whom the bell tolls (part of it, anyway), part of dead leaves on the dirty ground, and i kind of learned part of the intro to master of puppets. i also had a really good cheese burger at walmart. it was so delicious. it had a really good kind of italian pickle on it called " fisitichio ." on the way home with chris we found a really cute orange kitty that had a broken leg, so we nursed it back to health. i think me and chris bonded while bandaging the small kittys hurt leg.
i just found some american mustard on the ground. yum! i like it alot sice i am eating it off the ground right now. one time i put a pb&j sandwich in my pants for three months until the mold gave me a weird diesease.

i once had a goldfish that had herpes on its mouth from being a fishwhore...
gerbils are the cutest thing, but i like to put them in bleders when i am home alone. it is really fun and should be the next national passtime.
i really like black people... especially 50 cent.
i cut a picture of him out and put it in my pants.
JUST LIKE THE PB&J sandwich...

alex taylor wrote most of this...starting at the cheeseburger from wal mart....

oh yeah, I'M GOING TO BEAT THE SHIT OUT OF TONI DRAKE. she's going to be hurt. very very badly. i'm going to break that pretty little face of hers. it's going to be so fun. :D And she's mentally retarded. thanks, blake. i totally agree with you.

Anyway, i'm gonna go. love ya, guys.

♥ Cindy Lou
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wow...2 entries in one day..... [Sep. 14th, 2005|11:53 am]
[how i fucking feel |sleepysleepy]
[what i'm fucking hearing |the get up kids]

Well, despite what i thought, today has actually been a good day. I've been on the computer in every class, even the one i didn't go to. haha. And after Chris gets out of detention today he's going to give me my first guitar lesson. I'm really excited about that. Ashley brought me another application from B.B.'s today, because they can't find the one i put in Saturday. I'll probably have Chris take me over there to take it back. That will be better than having Ashley take it.

My stupid teacher is asking me why i'm listed absent....i'm gonna get in trouble...haha....oh well, i really don't give a fuck. Chris and i were talking about skipping fourth block, but he had detention, and he would have to come back because he could get in a lot of trouble for skipping it.

oh man, Mr. Huffman just came in here and took me to the attendance window and asked me stuff and i was all like "I was here, i dont know what's going on..." haha. I told him i talked to Garrett Gibson 1st block cause he's in my class, and i already told Garrett what happened today, so hopefully he'll cover for me. if not, i'm screwed. haha.

Anyway, i'm outty nerds. later.

Fuck You,
♥ Cindy Lou
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