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so let it be written

so let it be done.

31 October
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i love lots of things and lots of people. Right now there is mainly one person who comes to mind when i think of love....and i am absolutely fine with that. I like to read, listen to music, hang out with friends, and spend time with that special someone.

Almost Famous is Rock Star Love

by skaleez

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Marilyn Monroe is love

Kurt Cobain is Love

Led Zeppelin is Love

thanks SOOOOO much to cut_words. ♥

Monsters, Inc. is Love

Mohawks are SEXY Love

Made by wrathofmyaxe

Pandas are love

Popsicles are Eat it Before it Melts in Your Hands Love

Made by wrathofmyaxe

The Ramones will always be Love.
Made by toxicjellybean

The Rocky Horror Picture Show is sweet transvestite love.

by this_is_fucked

Curse Words are Fun.
Made by toxicjellybean
"almost famous", "american history x", "eet fuk", "fuck you", "saved", apple juice, art, balloons, batman, beautiful days, being in love, black eyeliner, blowing bubbles, bobby pins, bright eyes, bright eyeshadow, butterflies, caleb, camel lights, car rides, cardigans, cheetos, cigarettes after mcdonalds food, clothes, concerts, construction paper, crayola anything, dancing, dancing days, dancing in the rain, disney movies, drinking, earrings, elvis, fake tattoos, feeling loved, fingernail polish, friends, fucking, glitter, glue sticks, green popsicles, guitar, hairdye, happy memories, heartbreaker, his beautiful eyes, holding him, hot glue guns, hot guys, huge sunglasses, intoxication, jimmy page, johhny depp, john bonham, john paul jones, kissing him, kurt cobain, late night conversations, laughing, led zeppelin, lips, mac and cheese, magazines, marilyn monroe, mary jane, mascara, mcdonalds, metallica, mohawks, monsters inc, movies, muscle cars, music, necklaces, nirvana, oatis, oreos, paint, pandas, paper dolls, parties, peanut butter cookies, picking flowers, pictures, piercings, pizza hut, posters, puffy paint, puppies, reading, red, robert plant, rock 'n roll, roseanne, scissors, sequins, shoes, singing, singing in the shower, smiles, smoking, snow angels, snowflakes, stars, steak 'n shake, stickers, stomach butterflies, taco bell, tattoos, teenage mutant ninja turtles, tequila, the postal service, the ramones, touching him, trees, twinkies, wal*mart, whine coolers, whiskey, wife beater tank tops, writing